if i were what i wish i were i would be a _________

i bet you wish you knew!

18 February 1989
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my name is Rae. i'm a compulsive creative by nature. art is my drive, i am and artist in every sense of he word. i'm apprenticing for tattoos, working on starting a clothing line -Acid Radio- and i do hair extentions (premades, dreads, wigs, falls, etc) and make-up. i could list all of the things that i make but it would take too long. i'm engaged to a beautiful person, and my best friend, Joshua Scott Freeman. as of Dia De Los Muertos 2007 i'll be Mrs. Rae A. Freeman (haha, get it? like Rae's a free man), which is odd because i never thought i'd get married especially at 18 but i'm excited and so far it's the best desicion i've ever made. i'm hopeing to get my work into a few galleries anywehre i can. i have a dog named Ophelia that's 4 pounds of attitude and is my baby. i love heavy, loud music, martial arts, i desperatly want my own motorcycle, i'm sick of just catching rides on my friends', and i eventually hope to adopt a little chinese girl (they're treated so terribly, and why bring more children into this world when there's pleanty here to take care of already?) i guess that covers all the basics.